Monday, May 27, 2013

My mom was wrong! MOL!!

Remember mom said some kitties moved in down the hall?

Well me and Little Boy met them!
Well really Little Boy.

I went out in the hall one day, and there they were!
They caught me off guard!

I ran out about 5 feet and stopped.
I forgot they lived here.
I looked at them, looked at mom,
than ran back in the apartment.

I only got a quick look, but there was only one cat that I saw that had a weird color.

Little Boy was out there for a few minutes with mom than he came back in.
I did not hear any fighting or growling so I guess they liked him.
I should have stayed out there, I don't meet new cat friends very often.

Anyways mom came back in and grabbed her camera!
So now you can see them too!

Here they are:
(mom can't remember there names though)

I like this one because they have shiny eyes and look how the black and white kitty stuck out his head! MOL!

Well I have to go mom has a lot of catching up to do!

See you soon!

Have a purrfectly nice day!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cat expressions and a blog hop!

Check out this picture!
I love it, we cats have a lot of expressions!

We got this from Facebook, I just had to share it with you all!

Check out these blogs, I am sure you will like them, and you can join us as well!
The more the merrier they say!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finally mom is letting me post!

I miss writing and sharing with you all!
Hopefully mom will have more time soon.
I hope so anyways.
I know she is working on 2 projects, the one I posted pictures here will be a little while (this is making mom sad) and the other she says she needs to finish as soon as possible, something about getting her life back, what ever that means.  I just hope it is soon, so mom has more time for us and she doesn't have to work all the time when she is home.  Usually her projects make her happy
 but this one seems to make her very serious. ;(
She is more fun when she isn't serious all the time!

I have so much to share but there is to much for one post.

We have new neighbors where I live.
They moved in a little while ago.
It is a man and guess what he has?
3 Cats!

Now I met him for a second, he looked okay, mom told me about his cats.
They go out in the hallway too, just like Little Boy and I.
I knew there were new cats, I could smell them.
I would stop by their door and wait to see if I could hear them, but nothing.
Mom keeps telling me if I don't play and just sit there that we have to go back in so I leave and go  investigate the rest of the hall, we have a few new people but can't smell any other animals, yet. 
 Little Boy doesn't seem to care, he smells them too but just keeps going.

I am a little scared to meet them.  Mom says they are all big like Sweetie, maybe even bigger!
She says they all have really long fur.  None of use have ever seen a cat with really long fur before.
One is all grey, the other two have white and one has a lot of orange and the other a little less orange. 
Never seen an orange cat before.  Sure saw pictures of them but not a real one, but never a real one  (thought maybe they weren't real, guess will find out soon)

Okay here is a couple of videos I want to share, have quite a few but will only post 1 or 2 at a time.

You are going to love this one!  And the kitten is not related to the big cat!
I want one of the toy dogs!!!!  Told mom that and she said she would think about it, and that if she got one it was for all of us. 

I like the way they play, especially the kitten, even with the big cat!  I thought it was the kittens mom but mom says it isn't.
On the FaqYouTB's YouTube page.  
You should check it out has lot of videos of Bobo (the cat) and Nikita (the kitten)! 

And one more!
From guess who?  
N2 and Kona!

I love these to  kitties (Kona's my favorite, mom really love N2!)

You can check out more of their videos at VersaBC 
These two cats will make you laugh, they are so fun!

Well should let mom get back to her work.
See you soon!

Hope you check out the other videos on the above sites, 
they will make you smile and laugh!