Sunday, July 6, 2014

Some of my neighbors!

Hi all!  
Sorry it has been so long but Mom was so busy than a few weeks ago she broke her wrist real bad.  Her right wrist, she is right handed. ;(
She said when it is all better that they are going to break it again! 
So the next few months are going to be hard-
I wonder who is going to cut our nails?
I mean, I hate when she does that but my nails are getting long and I have to be careful scratching myself and when playing with Mom.
I don't want to hurt her, but when they are sharp it is hard not too. ;(

She promised me some pictures for my blog just before she fell (being a cat, trying to figure out how you can break wrist falling, and why on earth would you break it again! On purpose?!
Humans are weird!  But I love 'em MOL!)

Anyways she told me we can post some today,
Happy Cat Dance!!

So here they are, some pictures of my dog neighbors! 

I have to admit these doggies are cute!  
Mom knows some of their names but can't seem to remember all of them.

(He doesn't live he, but always comes over to say hi to mom, I like this one, never seen a big fluffy dog before, wonder if he likes cats?)
(He doesn't live here either but comes to see his girlfriend Missy all the time to play.)



Well I have to go,  Mom says it is hard typing with one hand.  
She promises to get more pictures soon,
she said she has a few more now but can't remember where she saved them too!!

See you soon!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hi my name is Sweetie and this is Rene the Degu!!!!!!

This is me:

Mom just took these of me.
I was bugging her all day because I wanted her to post some pictures she took the other day of Rene, the Degu.  They are real good pictures!  I love Rene, he is fun to watch and play with.  Foxy is not the only one who goes up to sit on his cage and play with him!
So I convinced her finally!
Here is Rene!

I think these are the best ones she has ever taken of him.

 See I told you! 
Isn't he cute!!!!!

Nice meeting you all!
She tricked me!
She took a video of me and told me she is putting it next!

I guess that is okay, after all I am cute! MOL!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mom let me post!!!!

Hi everyone!
Mom has been so busy I thought she forgot about my blog ; (

She said between work, house work, her course and taking care of the neighbors cats she has been pretty busy.  (She is working on something else but will not tell me)

Anyways, do you remember our new neighbor with the cats??

Well he had a mild stroke, and is in the hospital.  Has been for over a week.
He is doing real good and has started therapy so it looks like he will be home soon hopefully.

His 3 beautiful kitties miss him so much.
Mom has been feeding and playing with them a few times a day.
She wont take me over to his apartment so she took me some pictures of them and said I could post them for you guys to see.

This is Boo Boo, Cinder and Kitten.

 And it looks like they play in boxes too!
Lets face boxes are one of cats favorite toys!
I hope for their sake there Daddy gets home soon, I know I would miss Mom if she was gone that long.  Poor Kitties.

I let mom take toys and treats for them too.

Well time to go again, hopefully it will not be so long next time.

Please send happy thoughts to these kitties daddy so he comes home soon!

Love always