Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mom let me post!!!!

Hi everyone!
Mom has been so busy I thought she forgot about my blog ; (

She said between work, house work, her course and taking care of the neighbors cats she has been pretty busy.  (She is working on something else but will not tell me)

Anyways, do you remember our new neighbor with the cats??

Well he had a mild stroke, and is in the hospital.  Has been for over a week.
He is doing real good and has started therapy so it looks like he will be home soon hopefully.

His 3 beautiful kitties miss him so much.
Mom has been feeding and playing with them a few times a day.
She wont take me over to his apartment so she took me some pictures of them and said I could post them for you guys to see.

This is Boo Boo, Cinder and Kitten.

 And it looks like they play in boxes too!
Lets face boxes are one of cats favorite toys!
I hope for their sake there Daddy gets home soon, I know I would miss Mom if she was gone that long.  Poor Kitties.

I let mom take toys and treats for them too.

Well time to go again, hopefully it will not be so long next time.

Please send happy thoughts to these kitties daddy so he comes home soon!

Love always


  1. I hope those kitties get their daddy home soon! I am sending healing prayers his way! Such beautiful kitties! I know your mom is taking care of them well! Big Hugs Foxy! Say hi to mom for me ;o)

    1. My mom got a call, their dad may be home Friday or Monday. She volunteered to keep an eye on him to and make sure he is doing okay as well. This means I might actually get to meet them in the hall yet. It is a little hard with just mom watching his 3 cats and us, as well, in the hall.

  2. You and your Mum are such good neighbors to do this for the kitties and their dad. They are all so cute and look awfully good considering dad is not there. Yes boxes are the tops!!
    Miss kitty Izzy & Ino

    We are your new follower. Please come follow/join us too: Thanks!

    1. Hi Loretta! I am Foxy's mom and I am following you now too, so is Foxy! I can't wait to read about Izzy and Ino!

  3. Awww...they are all beautiful. I hope their daddy gets back home very soon. I'm sure they all miss one another. What great neighbours you are!

    1. I agree they are beautiful! But we all know there is no such thing as an ugly cat MEOW!
      Hopefully he will be home before this time next week. I am sure Boo Boo, Cinder and Kitten will be happy to see him, and he will be happy to be back with them as well. I (and mom) will be happy to see them together again.


{{Foxy}} XO