Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hi my name is Sweetie and this is Rene the Degu!!!!!!

This is me:

Mom just took these of me.
I was bugging her all day because I wanted her to post some pictures she took the other day of Rene, the Degu.  They are real good pictures!  I love Rene, he is fun to watch and play with.  Foxy is not the only one who goes up to sit on his cage and play with him!
So I convinced her finally!
Here is Rene!

I think these are the best ones she has ever taken of him.

 See I told you! 
Isn't he cute!!!!!

Nice meeting you all!
She tricked me!
She took a video of me and told me she is putting it next!

I guess that is okay, after all I am cute! MOL!


  1. Yes, he is adorable! What a nice friend to have to play with!

  2. Sweetie, you have some nice nails!!! I love the video of you and the pictures of you! Rene is a cutey!!! Big Hugs ;o)


{{Foxy}} XO