Saturday, October 12, 2013

Another award for me! One Lovely Blog Award!

Sorry this took so long to post, but mom has had a long couple of weeks.

So I have won the "One Lovely Blog Award"!
I love awards, and thank all that have given me one.
This one came from Kim from her blog "The Wiccan Life".

You must visit her blog, it is beautiful and informative.
She is a very nice lady who also loves animals and nature.
Me and my mom both follow her and enjoy reading her blog.

Now I am supposed to tell you all 7 things about myself.
This will not be easy, since I think you guys already know a lot about me but I will try!

1.  First I LOVE q-tips!  They are the best toys ever.  They are light and easy to carry and can fly real high into the air when you are playing with them!
2.  My favorite human food used to be spaghetti but now it is this stuff mom calls "ham", and the best part is that Baby likes it but the boys don't so Little Boy does not try to steal it from me (or Baby).
3.   I love my brothers and sister but I hate it when they always try to steal my sleeping spots!
4.  I learned recently that if mom does not see me go into the hall way, that I have to meow at the door for to open it again(and sometimes it takes awhile for her to hear me).
5.  If I do not take the bell off my collar than mom will always here me run past her(kinda wish I knew that about a week ago MOL!). 
6.  My favorite time of day is around 3 am.  Everyone is sleeping accept mom and I can play with any toy I want and no one will try and take it from me (plus if I run around they wont chase me)!
7.  My favorite thing to do with mom (besides sleeping on her) is making the bed.  Although I don't think mom appreciates my help, something about the blankets are supposed to go to the top of the bed, not pull them down to the middle.  She doesn't seem to understand that I am checking to make sure nothing is under them ;)

Now here are my 7 choices for this award (trying to pick animals like me)

So if you have a few minutes and check out my choices, I do believe you will agree with me.  Lots of information and fun stuff on these blogs!


  1. Congrats on the award! I cant wait to check out the other blogs!

  2. Hi new friend. Thanks for visiting me and presenting me with the lovely award. You ROCK pal.

  3. Hey Foxy - nice to meet you! Thanks for the award, visiting and following my blog :) You are a very pretty ladycat!

  4. Foxy, you are so cute! I love knowing a little more about you ;o) Q-tips? Watch you don't poke yourself in the eye! ;o) Keeping helping mom make the bed ;o) Big Hugs and congrats on the award ;o)


{{Foxy}} XO