Friday, September 13, 2013

"How Dogs Became Our Best Friends!"

I got this email from a lovely lady, Tammy, sharing this information with me.
She said I can share it with you!
So I will!

I know I am a cat but dogs are pretty good too! (The ones I have met anyways)
and mom is always talking about the dogs and how friendly they are.
If you ask me they sound like real friendly and sociable cats!  MOL!

Anyway I thought it was very interesting, and thought you might think so too!
I got it from!

Very interesting isn't it?
I wonder how cats and humans got together??

Well I have to go mom is pretty tired!
Seems like she doesn't stop anymore ;(
So I have to go.
  I have to go curl on her.
I sometimes think she can't  fall asleep with out me!
 (plus have to get there before one of the others try to steal my spot
-they are pretty good though and know that is MY spot,
 ever since I was a little kitten!)

Good night all!
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  1. Foxy, I love this! Thanks for sharing! Give mom a hug for me! I hope she is well ;o) Tell her, I have a second part to my giveaway on my blog today ;o)

    1. Thank you! I told her ;) She says she is well just real busy! Also gave her a big hug for you!


  2. Very cool! Love reading this kind of stuff, thank you for sharing with us, Foxy!

    BTW, please tell your mommy that I have a little surprise for you both if you get a chance to drop by my Wiccan Life blog!

    Big hugs,


    1. Thank you! How nice of you, an award for little old me! Can't wait to nominate the The "One Lovely Blog" Award to some of my fellow bloggers!

      I am so excited, feel so special, me a normal kitty cat and I got another award!

      Thank you so much!

      Lots of HUGS

  3. I loved it! Having cats and dogs I do have to agree that our fur babies are very in tune to our emotions.

    1. ;)
      I always know when my mom needs cheering up, the best way is usually to make her laugh! But sometimes it is enough just to curl up with her.



{{Foxy}} XO