Monday, September 2, 2013

Oh My Kitty! This has got to be the cutest video ever!

I saw this on my Facebook page! 
It was posted by Love Meow!

It is called  "Momma Cat Teaches Baby Cat How To Drink"

This video should win an award!!!
It is just too cute!!

Even mom agrees!!!
And my brothers and sister too!!!!!!

Wonder if there is a place we can nominate it??
If you know one let me know, I will nominate it!

Everyone should see this video.
These are the little moments my mom talks about ALL THE TIME!
If you know her she says that moments like these is what makes life worth living.

I understand her now!
But than I am a cat, my life is full of these little wonderful moments.
It is sad that humans must have to wait for these moments.
I hope they find them and enjoy them as much as possible!



  1. Foxy!! I love this video so much! So cute! It does deserve an award! I loved how the mom cat was licking her little one! And, the little one was trying so hard to drink the water! Thanks for making my day! Kitty hugs ;o)
    (Tell mom, I am having a birthday giveaway and also tell her, Kim, from Witch Cats Blog is having a giveaway on her other blog )

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    1. Thanks Tammy I decided to share. It is the next post. Tomorrow will try find your email to let you know.

      Foxy (and her mom)


{{Foxy}} XO