Monday, August 19, 2013

Is that a CAT?

Okay you have to see this!
Mom says she is not sure it is real.
I just think it looks neat.

And what is a wave? Mom tried explaining it to me, but can't get a picture of the water,
I mean there is a lot of water in a bath tub, okay got it!  
When Little Boy jumps in the bath tub he splashes water - a wave, I think.

Okay that has to be a lot of water to make a wave that big!!!!
Did not know there was that much water in the world!

Anyways here is the picture!

(I got it from Facebook, it was shared from Sun Gazing)
It is a cat!!
Wow mom just told me that almost the whole picture is water!!
and that the top of that cat would be higher than our balcony!

Bet Little Boy would not jump in that MOL!

Okay got to go, just wanted to share the picture with you!


{{Foxy}} XO