Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tuna!!!! I want Tuna! N2 has all the Tuna!

N2 has tons of tuna!!
Check out this video if you don't believe me!
Looks like going on strike worked!  (They didn't get millions of cans of tuna but they did get lots!) 
I Get Tuna (Starring N2)
I want tuna!  Mom says we don't have any! Bet because N2 and Kona have it all.
She said that is not true, but it looks to me that it is.
Mom promised she will get some tomorrow, when I see it than maybe I will believe that N2 doesn't have it all (Sure looks like he does though!)

Love the song though! Told mom will teach it to the other cats and sing it until she brings us some tuna!

Here is a video from Simon's Cat as well!
Suitcase - Simon's Cat

I love Simon's Cat as well, he is so funny!

Hope you liked the new videos!
See you soon, Mom is going out tonight, she is happy to have a few days off for the long weekend.
I miss her but we get all day with her tomorrow!

Have a good long weekend all!
Remember to play with your animal friends!!


  1. I love them both Foxy! So funny! I hope you're having a great long weekend with mom and maybe with some tuna too ;o) Hugs ;o)

    1. I am glad you liked them! We had a pretty good weekend, mom was so sore from working almost everyday for 2 weeks that the standing made her really sore, but she is okay now. Now she is doing something with the bathroom! Plus she found one of my favorite toys, I am so happy!


{{Foxy}} XO