Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hi I am Little Boy!

This is me!

I have decided to say something finally.
I love Foxy very much but for some reason she always pushes me away.
Maybe because when I was little I played with her alot.  Chased her around etc. but I was playing!
One day she will realize that I have grown up and don't do that anymore(well almost never MOL).

Any ways that is not why I decided to finally post something.
See how beautiful my fur is?
Mom loves my fur!
Well ever since I was about 6 months old, I have had this problem.
I get itchy and/or dry skin, so when I scratch or lick my fur all the time I start losing my fur.
Now this has not happened for about 5 years, but for some reason this year my skin was driving me crazy!

I have lost a lot of my fur on my elbows and stomach plus the back of my legs.
Mom was so upset!
She asked her boss what to give me and he said to give me this yucky stuff!
I was supposed to swollow it!
She said it was bubble gum flavored!
I heard mom say it was allergy medicine for children (but they don't like it either).
Any ways no way I was taking that stuff!  After the first time when ever she got that bottle out I hid!
A few days later she came home with something else.
It was a spray.
She knows I hate anything that has a spray.  The last time she got something like that for me it was a foam stuff she rubbed in, did not like that either!

Eventually she caught me ;(

At first I tried to get away.  
To my surprise after the third spray, I kinda liked it.
I stopped wiggling and getting away.
She rubbed it a little all over me.
I felt so good!
I hardly itched at all for a whole day!
So I let her do it again.
Now she puts it on almost everyday.  
My fur is growing back!  That makes me happy!
It seems to be making mom happy too.
I hardly itch at all anymore.
  Mom says she saw it on tv, found it at the store and asked the pharmacist if they had something like that safe for animals.  He told her that what she had was safe for animals and babies too!
It is called Vaseline Spray & Go!
I am so happy she found it!
I just wanted to share this info with all you animals and animal lovers out there in case any of you have the same problem as me.  (Mom says she can use it on her dry skin too!)

Mom says I am to tell you that I am not licking myself as much as I was before either. (Wow that is true, I just realized that MOL!)

Okay now here are some more pictures of me!

 This is me sleeping in Foxy's Bed.  I know she likes it up here because we can watch everything that is going on plus no one can sneak up on you (trust me I have tried to sneak up and lay with Foxy and she always catches me.  I don't want her to leave, I just to take a nap with her.)

 And don't tell Foxy but me and Baby sleep up there together as well.

If me and Baby can fit up there, than me and Foxy could too!  We can share the bed! She doesn't have to keep sending me away there is plenty of room!
Well I have to go now, I think I need a snack!

I will try and come back soon.
This is not as hard as I thought it would be, and it is fun.
Must tell Sweetie after I eat, maybe he will post something too!


  1. You are cute! I'm so glad you finally got some relief from all that itchiness. It must have been driving you crazy!

  2. Little Boy, nice to meet you! You have beautiful fur! I am so happy mom found something that works for you! I wonder if you don't have dry skin, but are still losing your hair, could you use this spray, to grow hair? Might help on my bald spots! LOL!
    Big Hugs ;o)


{{Foxy}} XO