Saturday, March 9, 2013

April is Animal Abuse Awareness Month (USA)

Meow everybody!

I found some more pictures for you. 
But first I want to tell you something.
I guess here in Canada "Animal Abuse Awareness Month" is in October,
but in the United States it is April.
Since a lot of the blogs I follow are American I decided to celebrate it in April with them as well.
I will put a badge for the site(s) as I find them to help protect all my distant relatives (of all shapes and sizes) around the world.
After all we need to stop abuse of any kind everywhere animal and human (although mom keeps telling me humans are animals too, sounds kind of strange to me) not just here and the States!

Now here are the pictures I promised!

Okay I promised mom I would put up the next one, I do not get it at all.
But for some reason she thought it was purfectly funny!

I got all of these pictures from 
(See mom I didn't forget to put it there! MOL)


  1. Foxy, I love all the pictures! They are so cute! I love the bunny! I love them all! Tell mom, the calories one, I understand greatly! LOL! I was wondering what happened to my clothes! LOL! Big kitty hugs ;o)

    1. Yes I thought others would like these pictures, the kitten calling for mom is way to funny! I told mom you got hers, made her laugh again! I will never get it! :)

      Foxy xo

  2. Great fun photos. Is constantly hugging and kissing dogs considered abuse?

    1. MOL!! No not abuse and cats like it too!

      Foxy ;)

  3. Hello Foxy! It's nice to 'meet' you

    We love these pictures especially the one of the kitten trying to get into the mouth of the big dog in search of her cookie **hee hee hee**

    1. I like that one too!!! MOL!

      No dog or cat would dare steal my cookie!!!

      Foxy ;~)


{{Foxy}} XO