Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mom did catch me!! Meow!!!!

Mom made some time for me tonight!!  
I am so happy!
That is till I saw the picture my mom found!
I thought that I was smart!
But as it turns out that I wasn't as smart as I thought!
 Mom did catch me!!

So it seems Baby is the only one who hasn't been caught with the camera!

I also want to show a picture of me and Little Boy.
Mom went all nuts because she got a picture of all of us sleeping together.
She was showing everybody!!  Even put it on Facebook!!
She doesn't seem to realize we sleep together a lot.
I mean we sleep on the bed with her.
Some times when she moves a lot I move down and sleep with the others.
She doesn't get a picture because she is sleeping!
I heard her talking and she said the picture was amazing because I was sleeping with the others and Little Boy was there too.
I made her check and she found these pictures.
They are of me and Little Boy sleeping on the couch!  We do that a lot!
Sure some times I forget and smack him but I still stay there and go back to sleep.  He knows I don't mean it, it is a reflex from when he was a kitten and bothered me when I was trying to sleep!  Sure he still does it once in a while but most of the time he is good, and just curls up beside me or I beside him.

Check out Sweetie, pretending like he is allowed on the big table!!

 This Baby, she got caught playing with her food! MOL

 Here is Little Boy doing something he gets yelled at a lot for!

This is my blog, so me again!
Mom really has to try not using that bright light on her camera!!

Now mom has been working on a project lately.
Think one of the reasons she was mad because something else was taking up her time and it is done yet.
It makes her sad.  I know she is almost done, she has been working on it for a long time.
Some one must have made her feel better, because she decided to share part of her project.

She is going to let ME show you!!!
The first time in public!!
I like them but than I am a cat!
Now there is two to show you,
we hope you like them.
The rest of the project will be unveiled on mom's blog soon she says.

This was her first try of painting a gerbil, a special one.  

Here is a closer look.

And this is her second one.

She says this was easier to do than the last one she showed everyone.
Something about not being able to show a flat surface what ever that means!

I know mom is new at painting like this, but I like it and I know she is happy with them.
The next one is harder she tell me, something about did the wrong thing first.
Wonder what that means?

I am glad she let me show you first.
I know what she is doing but I am sworn to secrecy!
It is really hard for a cat to keep a secret! Meow!
Thank heavens not everyone speaks Meowurr!!

Will be back soon I promise!!!


  1. A sweet and fun post! You're all beautiful. I adore black cats; I have one of my own. Too bad people are still so superstitious about them. That is so ridiculous. The painting is really nice. It's always fun to do things we enjoy.

    1. Thank you! Everyone keeps telling mom that I am going to get a swelled head (what ever that means and I hope it doesn't hurt!), than she says the the other cats are on here too, so I gather that it means that I get all high and mighty. I don't need too! I am the top cat here already!! And I know that my brothers and sister are very beautiful too, after all, they are related to me!!! MOL!

      Yes I believe my mom likes to paint, she always seems to relax when she does her pictures (even the non painting ones)

  2. Hey Foxy!! I love all the pictures! They are fantastic! You and your little kitty family, have a lot of fun at home ;o) Tell mom, her paintings are great! She is doing very well ;o) Now, I am wondering what this is all about? Come on, you can tell us Foxy ;o)
    Happy Easter ;o)

    1. Thank you, you should see all the toys and stuff we have!! Lots of things to do. We even have toys that move all by themselves! My favorite toy is a doll shoe, haven't seen it in a while, can't remember where I put it! And mom takes away the q-tips that I play with, something about going down the drain. I play with the toys too (really love the tunnels) but Baby loves them the most, she is always playing with something, and when she gets hungry goes around taking the food out of all our dishes and puts it on the floor to play with before eating! Now Little Boy is doing that too! Mom is always picking up cat food now!!!

      I can't tell you mom's project, she would get mad at me and maybe not give me treats!!! I am sure she will tell you soon!


{{Foxy}} XO