Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2 of my favorite videos!!!

Hi again every one!! Mom only has a few minutes and she said she posted my favorite videos about real cats here on my page.  She said it was the only way she could do it.

So I asked her to put one on each side of my page.  And she did!!!  I saw them!  So now all my new friends can see them too, anytime!  

These are just pictures, the videos are on the sides here
Trolling cat ll                                                                                                            
(on the left)                                                                                                                      


 Cat meets snow
 (on the right)

Thank you snotr.com for sharing videos with us!!!  Mom didn't even know it was there until another animal mom told her!!

Well I have to go mom has to set up some music thing for her aunt, hopefully her laptop will survive long enough for her to finish .  She keeps saying something about having to copy cd's to a mp3 (what ever that is!)  

I  think it will go ok ever since she fixed it this time, it seems to be okay.  Maybe she will give my this one when she gets her new on on Thursday!!!

Well I guess I have to wait and see.  I promise I will share with my sister and brothers!!!


  1. Hahaha...both videos were hilarious! I laughed with that cat pushing the other one down the stairs. I know I shouldn't...it's kind of mean...but it's too darn funny. And the cat playing with the snow was so cute!

    1. I know!! heard mom laughing and when I saw them I couldn't wait to show everyone. They are my favorites!!!! Glad you liked them!!

  2. Maybe there was a mouse in that snow? LOL! The one with the cat pushing the other one down the stairs is too funny! Poor kitty! LOL!

    1. Maybe there was a mouse!!! All I know is that kitty that pushed the other one reminds me of Little Boy, my brother. He would definitely do that LOL!!!! I am to fast for him though!!!



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