Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Word from Baby (my Sister)

Hi again!

My human says that I have to share this site with my brothers and sister.  That is okay with me. I really don't mind sharing with them.  

So today Baby wants to talk to you.

Foxy xo

Hi everyone! 

My name is Baby!  This is a few pictures of me:

I am not sure what I am supposed to say.  Foxy said to tell you a little about me.  I really wish one of the boys had gone first, than I would have a better idea what to say.

Well lets see, I am about 6 yrs younger than Foxy.  I hope our human doesn't read this to her.  You see Foxy is almost 18 years old.  But she doesn't like people to know how old she is.  LOL

I love Foxy though, and for a while I thought she didn't like me to much.  But I was wrong.  You see when me and my brothers were kittens she never played with us.   Now I realize it was because she was shy and maybe a little afraid of us.

After we moved here she was a little friendlier and would sleep with us and even play with us but not often.

Than in 2011 (Alice said it was Thanksgiving) I got real sick.  Foxy was real nice to me and would check up on me and sleep with me, although at the time I really didn't want her around.  After about 2 days our human, Alice, took me in a car (I hate cars!) to this strange building.  There were other animals there and I could here them crying and I knew that some felt the way I did.  Than she took me into a room where this man looked at me and felt around my stomach and back.

He said something to Alice I didn't understand but she looked real sad.  They took me away from her and I got real scared.  They put me on  table and this machine came down and made this weird noise.  They took me back to Alice and said more stuff I didn't understand, and I could tell Alice was really sad.  

She said goodbye to me, I was so afraid!  She was leaving!!  Without me!  The people there were nice but I was so sad that Alice left.  The people tried to make me feel better but it really didn't work.  I felt so sick and her leaving made me feel worse.

They gave me something called medicine, and I felt a little better. They didn't give me any food to eat, which really was okay because I didn't feel like eating.

The next morning they came to me again and took some fur off my leg and stuck me with something sharp.  It only hurt for a second.  Than after that it gets pretty hazy.  Next thing I remember was waking up in this cage they had me in before.  I didn't feel like I did when I first got there.  Most of the pain was gone but I could still feel pain in my stomach area.  Alice was not anywhere either.  I looked every time I woke up. :(  They were nice to me though from what I could remember.

I found out later that I was there over night, and they operated on me the next day, that I was in an animal hospital.

Later that day they took me out of the cage and said something about Alice, I over heard them say her name and mine.  They put me in a carrier (I know what they are we have 3 at home)  But they still had this thing sticking in my arm!  But fell asleep again.
I felt myself moving and opened my eyes.  There she was Alice!!!  I tried to get up, but I couldn't.  I was so groggy!  Then they gave me, in the carrier, to Alice.  I could tell she was real happy to see me, but not as happy as I was to see her.  I thought how happy I would be to get home.  That she didn't leave me there.  She really did love me.

When we got to the car, she opened the door on the carrier, and to pet me, it felt so good!  I soon fell asleep again.I remember waking up a couple of times, and I think I saw Alice crying.  I didn't realize until later she was really scared that I would not get better.

When the car stopped I thought we were home, but I was wrong. 

I was at another animal hospital.  Alice said something about seeing me again the next morning when she left me, that they needed to watch me and make sure I was okay.  I really tried to believe her, but why did she have to leave me?  I could get better at home.  Every time I woke up I felt better!

The people were real nice here too, and I did sleep a lot though   Finally the next morning they came and put me back in the carrier and put me in a little room. When the door opened there was Alice again!  She came in and came right to me and this man, Doctor, took me out of the carrier and showed her my stomach and said something about making sure I didn't chew it. Why would I chew my stomach???  She asked him some questions and than she picked me up!!! and asked if I wanted to go home!!!  I was so happy!!! I knew she meant it!! She gave me a hug!

She made me get back in the carrier but I could tell she was happy, and that made me happy.  I wasn't scared anymore.  When she was scared I could tell.

When we got home, the boys came over and smelled me, and of course Sweetie tried to clean me.  That's Sweetie for you!  Little Boy seemed happy to but I don't think he liked the way I smelled (like the hospital).

What surprised me the most, was Foxy.  She came over and didn't make a funny face like Little Boy or try to clean me.  She just laid down about a foot away from me.  It was like she was watching me, making sure I was okay.  When I started to get around again she even tried to play with me.  She doesn't kick me off the bed all the time anymore either.
I think she missed me.  Which means she does like me.  That makes me happy.

Well I guess I did have something to say!!  It isn't as hard as I thought it would be!!!

I can't wait to hear what the boys are going to say!!

Baby *_*


  1. What a cutie! A sad story with a happy ending. So glad things turned out okay. I think Foxy likes all the animals she shares her home with, but too proud to show it. She is a cat, after all. And Alice sounds very special!

  2. Baby, great to meat you ;o) I am so happy your sad story, ended so happy ;o) And, I am so happy Foxy loves you ;o)

  3. Yes me too!! Foxy even lets me sleep beside her on Alice, she doesn't kick me off as much either when I Lay down when she gets up. :)!!


{{Foxy}} XO