Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome to Foxy's World!

From left to right: Sweetie, Little Boy and Baby
Hi my name is Foxy!  
I live with my younger sister and to brothers (half brothers and sister),  There is Baby (13 yrs), a Tortoiseshell cat, my sister and Little Boy and Sweetie (both about 10 yrs) my 2 brothers, they are black.  I put a picture of them above.  They like to sleep on the chair together.
I am black and my human says I am around 16 yrs old.  That is me in the basket!!!

We have all lived together since birth.  Baby went to a new home for a while but I guess she missed us because she came back.  May be she missed her mother, she was a very nice cat.  We all have different mothers but the same father.  The boys share the same mother because they came from the same litter.
My mother was pretty old when I was born, I dont think she liked kittens to much.  But she raised me and taught me what I needed to know.  Alice , my human, loves us very much.  She even lets us sleep with her on the bed.  I am the only one allowed to sleep on her, after all I am the oldest.  Sometimes I do let Baby sleep on her, but not often.
My human, Alice, has her on blog and she saw that other animals have blogs too, so she decided to let me have one!  Yippee! She promises to help me, so I hope you will like my stories.
We live in a big apartment building, it is a lot bigger then where we where born.  We are all inside cats.  Although we get to play in the hallway sometimes (it is very long).  Yesterday I was out there playing and I realized that Alice wasn't there.  It scared me for a minute but when I meowed at the door I could hear Sweetie calling her to let her know where I was.  She came right away and let me in.
There are other animals here too, a rat, Chong (he is just over 3 yrs old).  Poor guy just lost his brother about a month ago,  I check up on him all the time.  He does seem to be doing ok. 

That is Chong to the right and his brother Cheech on the left 
(rest his soul)

 There are also 2 Degus (both boys) named Ricki and Rene.  They are weird animals not quite a gerbil (we had a couple of them a few years ago) and not quite a chinchilla (had one of those a long time ago, my mother really liked him), these animals are a cross between the two of them.  They are sort of cute for rodents but their voices  are really high pitched.  I will get Alice to post a picture of them.  Baby really likes them, she is always trying to find a way to sit with them.  At least it keeps her away from the aquarium, I swear one day she will fall in!

Well My human has lots to do, so I will let you go for now.  I can't wait to share my stories with you.
I would love to hear from you, so feel free to comment, Alice will read them too me.  
I know she will not be able to write everyday for me but I will make sure she shares pictures (she is always taking pictures of us)  I swear the flash is going to blind me one day!!! LOL!
So come back often and see what I and my animal friends are up too!
You can visit my human Alice's blog at  For the Love of Life! Alice's World!

Foxy XO


  1. Very sweet! Foxy, you are gorgeous. I have a black cat, too, that we've named Nacho. Don't know how we ended up with that name since she's not orange or anything, but that's what it is. People don't seem to like black cats for all kinds of strange reasons, but I adore them. They are so sweet. I love all the other animals you share your home with. You don't try to eat the rats, do you? Hahaha... I'll be back to visit when you post again.

  2. Thank you, I don't know why people think we are bad luck (black cats) in England we are considered lucky! White cats there are bad luck. I think all of us(cats) are lucky!! I hope to see you soon. My sister is going to tell a story later.

  3. Hi Foxy ;o) Great to meet you and your other fur friends ;o) Boy, your mom loves animals and that is so special! She has a good heart ;o)

    1. My mom says thank you for the compliment! I know she loves us all!!! Foxy


{{Foxy}} XO