Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hi, I thought I thought I would not get to talk with you all tonight, but my human, I can’t call her that it doesn’t sound right, neither does Alice, I know I will call her Mom.  She has been with us since we were born.  She keeps care of us and loves us, Mom seems right.  Anyways I thought she was still mad at us for what happened.

She went to work today, again!!!  She doesn’t usually go to work on Mondays and Tuesdays, but she did. L 

I should first tell you something about Mom.  She has a lot of fun stuff around the house, I mean, stuff that does weird things when you touch it or makes funny noise when you play with it. J  We get in trouble sometimes but she doesn’t get to mad unless we break it.  She has these plants that we love, I think they are plastic like our toys, they taste that way anyways.  Sweetie likes to chew them so she puts them up high.

Well for a couple of years now she had this neat looking one in the kitchen, we all have seen it.  It looked different than the others, but it was up high and we couldn’t reach it.
Now I am not going to tell you who did it, (we all wanted to see it) but we found a way to get up there.  We were thinking maybe one of us could bring it down to show the others.

We are so sorry!!  We didn’t know!!! 

Once the Volunteer got up there and tried to grab it, the most terrible thing happened!  It fell!  Not just the plant thing but the thing (I think Mom called it a pot) came crashing down!! There was this black stuff all over the floor and some other stuff.  When we figured it stopped we went to look at the plant thing.

That is when we realized that it wasn’t like the others.  It smelled different and there were these things sticking out of the end we never saw before.  I swear I saw it move.  The others said it didn’t but I still think it did. 

Than I thought I heard something.  I told everyone to stop for a minute.  They heard something too but really faint.  Than we all realized what a terrible thing we did.  It was not like the other things she has, it was alive!!!  I swear we could hear it crying.  I was so upset.  Then I noticed that there was a little tiny one that looked like the big one.  I think it was its baby.  L  We didn’t know what to do.  Little Boy said we should hide, but Sweetie said someone should stay with it, so he did.  Sweetie is so thoughtful; he figured if he stayed that maybe it would realize we were sorry.  I hope so.  I did bend down and told both of them that we were all sorry, and that we hoped it and it’s baby would be alright.

Lucky for us Mom came home not long after that.  She was real upset.  When she came in she said “What happened to my Alo?”  I guess that is what its name was, Alo.  She then she picked Alo up, very carefully and put it by the sink.  She was cleaning up the black stuff when she found the baby.  I guess she didn’t know there was a baby either by how she reacted.  She placed by its mom carefully. 

She was talking to it, and I heard her say that everything would be okay.  It took a while but she put the Mama back in to its home (and moved it to the top of Chong’s cage.  She knows we don’t go up there.  Then she put the baby into a small home of its own, and placed it farther back on the shelf its mama lived on before.  It is funny though I don’t think Mom could hear it.  It sounded happier once it was in its home again, it made a real quiet sound, almost a musical sound, it is hard to explain, the baby too made this sound.   I can’t figure out how we missed the sound it made.  Ever since the accident, every time I go into the rooms where they live now, I can hear them.  There is another sound I hear too, it is coming from another one, not like Alo, living in the living room.

After everything was cleaned up and put away she turned to us and said that we are not to play with them ever again!!!  She was sort of yelling but I have heard her yell louder.
I wish we could explain to her that we will never do it again.  We didn’t know it was alive or that it had a BABY!

We are so sorry!  We will not hurt these creatures; she calls them Plants, ever again!! 

So to any other cats and dogs out there, be careful those things are alive!

Well I better go now,  it has been a long day.

Oh yea mom downloaded a video of me.  Here it is.  She said something about it is my first on youtube, whatever that is.

I don’t believe she posted this one.  I am not doing anything special.  I was trying to tell her to stop with the camera and pet me.

See you all later!!


  1. Those plants can sure be tempting to play with! I'm glad everything turned out okay. I'm sure you've all been forgiven.

  2. Yes, plants are living, this is true!!! Glad all of you were forgiven! Great video ;o)

  3. Yes Mom is always forgiving us!! Not that we are bad a lot, I just hope the plants will be alright!!!! I am glad that you liked my video!! Thank you both!!!


{{Foxy}} XO