Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mom scared me thought we got a new kitten!

Ok, was just sitting there and all of the sudden I hear this kitten talking and my mom laughing.  Walked right up to her, trying to catch a glimpse of this kitten.  Could not see it any where, but could hear it.

Than I saw it!  It was on mom's new computer thingy, I think she called it a flat-screen.  She got it yesterday.

But I saw the kitten, it was so cute.  I could see it real good because this thingy is way bigger than the other one.  I thought you would like it so asked her to help me post it here for my readers to see.

I will try and translate for you, she is little and it is a bit hard to understand.  But basically she is asking why everyone is ignoring her except for the tall one with that thing following her.  She is scared, because it will not leave her alone.  Than all of the sudden she is asking for someone to pick her up.  Fast.  Than it sounds like she is afraid that no one will want her because she is crying to much.  

Well I hope that she learns that she was the center of attention, and that lots of people want to pick her up.
Hopefully they tell her she is a YouTube movie star, and fast!!!!

Cute munchkin baby kitten talks too much


  1. What a meow!!! She is adorable!! Thanks for sharing the video, Foxy ;o)

    1. I know that meow really caught my attention, glad mom was able to post it for you to enjoy!!! (I know I liked it!!!) ;=)

  2. This is adorable! Such a tiny little thing, but yet, a big voice! This little kitten certainly wants to be heard. Makes me want to pick her up and *squeeze*. Gently, of course :)

    1. I know she is so small and cute. I really don't want to share mom with another cat but I would make room for her!!! When she cries I would take care of her, she is so cute. But I don't think mom would let me get another pet even if it was a cat. (I already have a fish and none of the others do, but shh don't tell them I don't think they know Bubbles is mine) ;=)


{{Foxy}} XO