Monday, January 7, 2013


My human finally put the pictures on this computer!!!
 Now I can show you what Santa brought us!!!!!
Lots of toys!! 
and the tent in this picture (there was 2!!)


And 2 of these tunnels!!! 
They are like the big one we already had!!
He knew we liked tunnels and tents and toys!!!

I forgot to tell you about Bubbles, he is my pet.
He lives by my food dish!
I see him everyday!

I thought you might like to see these,
 here are 2 pictures of my mother,

I have to go, my human works tomorrow.
Oh yeah before I forget, she made a Facebook page for me!
Here is the link:

See you all later!


  1. Looks like Santa was good to you! We have similar toys in our home that the ferrets use. And they don't mind sharing them with the cats.

    1. Alice would love a ferret!! and so would I but she has so much work keeping care of all of us. Saw pictures of your ferret (Alice showed me since I never saw one before) They look like fun!! Especially if they like the toys I like! ;))

  2. Santa spoiled you!! Great gifts! Lots of fun ;o)

    1. Yes Santa and Alice and Alice's sister always spoil us at Christmas!!!
      Lots of toys!! I really love toys! So do my sister and brothers!! ;))


{{Foxy}} XO