Friday, February 15, 2013

Hi every one!!!

Happy Valentines Day!
I know I am late but mom was real busy moving everything around.
She found my scarf from last year, and it is red with white hearts, perfect for today!!!

 I wish she wouldn't follow me with that thingy that takes pictures, a camera I think she calls it.
She took a picture of me on my way to sharpen my claws!
Now who wants to see that? MOL
  Here I was trying to get her to stop but nope she just kept on clicking! 
 Well this is the last one, thank heavens!
 Check out the little tv behind me, she stopped moving stuff to take my picture and left it there!
I hope she moves it before bed, this is our table, we eat off it!
See you all soon. ;~)


  1. Well, don't you look fashionable in that pretty scarf! It's adorable.

    1. Why thank you! I really do like this one the best! ;)

  2. Foxy, I love your scarf! Very nice! I hope you had a great Valentine's Day ;o) Did mom move the t.v? I hope so ;o)

    1. Yes she did now she has some wooden box there with a white thing in it, looks like a food bowl but real big with a lid. At least is doesn't take up as much room as the TV!
      I am glad you like my scarf, I do to and the other scarves for the others, I swear are not as nice as mine!



{{Foxy}} XO