Sunday, February 24, 2013

I don't think the doggie is scared.

Yep gotta start them young.
We all know who the real master/mistress of the house is!

After all have my human typing for me MOL!!!

These are just some weird animal , but very cute!!!!

I knew there was a reason Mom puts a cover on my pet fish!!!!

Don't all cats see this???

I love the little animals in my house but not sure I would let them do this!

I don't know what this is, but it is real cute.
Mom says it is a Siberian Flying Squirrel.

 Well mom is not feeling well, so we are going to bed.
Hope you liked my pictures that I found!@


  1. Some of them are so cute! And some are funny, too. I love that last one, and I can think of a few people this would be good for!

    1. MOL! That last one mom had to throw in there, I told her not too but since she did all the hard work, let her do it. ;~)

  2. I have the biggest smile on my face!! These were all fantastic!! Thanks Foxy ;o) Please take care of mom ;o)

    1. I am glad, mom still feels sick, I hope it goes away soon. But I am sticking close to her, keeping my eye on her! ;)

    2. I mean I am glad (you are smiling) not that mom still sick. She is having trouble concentrating. Just wanted you to know that I am NOT glad mom is sick!


{{Foxy}} XO