Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Cat Adoption Centre!!!

I am so happy Mom let me do this.  Now I have never been there but Mom talks about the cats all the time, to anyone who will listen, which means she tells us all the time!!

I have seen some of the pictures but I like these because they more or less tell a story.

This is the Front of the Cat Adoption Centre at the Seaway Mall in Welland, Ontario.

As you can see it is a good size. 
 (Although I think my feline cousins would prefer to run around not stay in cages.)
Mom didn't take this first picture, it is the only one she didn't.
It came from on line at the Seaway Mall Directory. 

These next ones are the window to the hall of the mall.

This is the cost of a new kitten!
Wow!  that is a lot of money!!!

There are signs all over the the cages where there are cats with sponsors.

I really love this one, the fact that mom took this picture, proves that!

Mom has some of these too on the wall (she has quite a few, some have pictures of us in them)

I know this one is hard to see, mom should have made sure it came out.  ;(
But it says that every Tuesday when you buy a black cat or black and white tuxedo cat
they will take $40 off the adoption fee.

These are neat too!  They have reasons to adopt black cats like me and my brothers.
Funny though they do not say that in Europe that black cats are lucky and white cats are bad luck.  
Why do humans even think cats are bad luck no matter what color they are, that is silly!!!  

These are just wonderful pictures that they have on their wall.

This is a board that shows how many cats have found humans to love!

These are just a few facts on how much it costs for an animal to stay at a shelter.
To receive medical care and spay or neutered, food etc.

And they sell things like greeting cards where all the money goes to Spaying and Neuter Clinic.

And this is asking for volunteer help.
I hope they get lots of nice people to help with my distant cousins!!!!

Now if you want to see the cats, visit my mom's page, For the Love of Life! Alice's World!
She took pictures of all the cats today!!!
They are all so cute!!!!!! 

Okay that is all the pictures!!!
I hope you find a cat friend there!!
I was lucky, me, my brothers and sister where all born at my mom's.
So we didn't have to go to such a scary place and wait for some one to adopt us.
Those poor kitties have to live in a cage, how do they run around?  
I did notice in the pictures that my mom has,(she has A LOT OF THEM!)  That they have nice toys like us and fun things to climb.  Plus mom says they get treats just like us and they play with each other and the people watching over them.

Well I guess I better let mom go and do her thing, plus it has been almost an hour since I slept, so I need a cat nap!  Ah I finally get that!  Cat taking a a little nap!  Ah mom is so funny!!

Okay she just told me that she didn't make that up. ;(
Doesn't matter mom still funny for saying it. LOL :)

Oh yes Little Boy says he couldn't think of anything to say so I told him to tell the story when his claw got stuck, so I think he may finally post something soon.
I hope so because Sweetie won't till he does now.


  1. Great post Foxy!!! Love all the pictures and I love getting to know about the animal shelter ;o) Hope you had a great cat nap ;o) LOL! Hugs ;o) Just to let you know, I love all cats, in all their wonderful colors they come in ;o)

  2. Such a great post! I especially love that sign about reasons to adopt a black cat. I have one myself, and love her to pieces. She is the most amazing cat I've ever had. Loving, affectionate, quirky and beautiful!


{{Foxy}} XO