Sunday, February 3, 2013

I knew we could do it!! It is not just for the dogs!!!!

Hi again!!

Me and my mom were reading Google Reader and we found this to share with you.

It was on one of the blogs mom follows, and very interesting.  I knew we could do this, not just dogs.

I am glad that there are those out there helping humans, young and old.  It is about cat therapy.

The post was on Witch Cats Blog, called "Therapy Cats" and there is a story how a cat helped a little boy. (to read just click Witch Cats Blog, it will open in on a new page for you).

After we read it we decide to share with you, we didn't want to copy here, so put link so you can read it and see her wonderful blog.

We did find another inspiring story with a twist.  A therapy cat with a disability.  His name is Scooter!

I am proud to be a cat when I see stories like this!!!  He had a broken spine when he was a kitten, the result is his back legs are paralyzed.  Now he helps humans who can not walk!!!  I am so happy that he can help them and make them feel better!

Here is Scooter's story, I got it from called

Pet Tales: Paralyzed therapy cat inspires patients

By Linda Wilson Fuoco / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (March 29, 2012)

Scooter just might be the most amazing, most appreciated therapy animal to ever grace a hospital hallway. 

While institutional doors have opened to an increasing number of dogs, Scooter is a cat, and that's a rarity in therapy circles.

Therapy dogs spread joy. So does Scooter, but he also comforts and inspires.

His hind legs are paralyzed because his spine was broken two years ago when he was a kitten. Betsy Kennon, the veterinarian who saved his life, straps him into a custom-made wheeled cart that supports his lifeless legs. Then off they go to Health South Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital.

Scooter has a special rapport with patients who cannot walk because of injuries and strokes. On one of his first hospital visits, a patient solemnly watched as the 9-pound black-and-white cat made his rounds, front paws trotting and back wheels spinning.

"If he can do it, so can I," said the woman, who had just had a leg amputated.

Scooter and Dr. Kennon are featured in the August cover story of Reader's Digest Magazine. "A surfing dog, a heroic cat and four more Amazing Pets," says the headline on the cover, which includes a photograph of a pug on a surfboard. "Healer on Wheels" says the headline above Scooter's story.

This story began two years ago when a nameless, homeless kitten was rushed to Harts Run Veterinary Hospital in Fox Chapel. A clinic client reported that his pet husky had brought home the kitten in his mouth. The horrified client thought his dog had injured the kitten

This is what I like about humans and animals working together.  So much good comes out of it!  I am a little old now to try this but if you think you (you will have to get your human to fill it out for you) or a friend may want to try this therapy work.  Here are 2 sites to check.

Okay I hope you liked my post and links.  If you decide to do therapy let me know and maybe mom (Alice) and I can write a post about you!

See you soon!


  1. OMG! I just love, love, love your blog!!! Thank you for adding my link from my blog, "Witch Cats" to your post as this is actually how I was able to find you!! I also added your blog to my blog list on both my Witch Cats Blog and The Wiccan Life blogs.

    Much love and keep up the GREAT WORK!

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    1. Thank you Mom help me set it up!!! We love your blogs too!!! We really liked your article! Glad you dropped by!!! We will be visiting you again soon. ;)


  2. What a beautiful, beautiful article!
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    1. Thank you! A lot of help from mom! and inspiration from The Witch's Cat Blog!!!!

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      Thanks again Dakota and Caren and Cody


  3. Great blog post Foxy!!! I love animals and humans working together, that's the way it should be ;o)


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