Friday, February 8, 2013

My own Account!!!!

Was so excited when Mom told me!!!!
I can sign off with my own name on my own account now!!! 
So happy! 

This Happy:
Like when mom tries to make the bed,
I just know that she does it so that I can chase the blankets!!!!!
One of my favorite pass times!!
(besides blogging now)

Thanks Mom!!
Thanks Google!!
Thanks everyone!!!


  1. One of my cats also likes to chase the blankets whenever I try to make the bed. She enjoys it --- and it drives me crazy...haha

    1. Ah nice to know I am not the only one, none of my brothers or sister plays with the blankets. To me it always looks like that there is something under there. But what I like even more is when Mom rubs her hands across the sheet, I dont know what she is doing but it just makes me want to grab her hand!!!!! MOL!

  2. Foxy, you are so cute!!! I am so happy for you ;o)

    1. Thank you!!! I love being happy and now my name goes under my replies and when I write!!!! Happy Day!!!!! ;~)


{{Foxy}} XO