Friday, February 22, 2013

Okay even I like this video! (I know it isn't a cat)


Mom was watching the news today and all of the sudden there was this noise coming from the TV.  At first was not sure what it was but than I saw it (thank heavens mom has a real big TV!)  You have to see this, you might want to turn the volume up so you can hear it too!  It is so cute!


Did you here it??  It sounds so sweet!
Who knew frogs could sound so sweet. 

I hope you liked that one. 

This next one is from N2 The Talking Cat, it is his song with pictures of lots of beautiful cats and kittens!


Well I have to go, Mom wants the computer to do some work!
Be back soon!




  1. Hahaha...these are so cute! That little frog is adorable. Made me laugh out loud with that sweet sound it makes :)

    1. We are glad you liked it! Laughter is always good!

      Foxy and Mom

  2. I love that little frog!! I want one ;o) It sounded like a baby kitten ;o)

    1. On the TV it showed dogs trying to get the frog on the TV! I am happy it is not just us cats that do that!


{{Foxy}} XO