Monday, February 25, 2013

What a cool site!!!!! ;~)

Hi all again.  
Mom still not feeling good but she will said she will do this for me.

She was checking her Facebook page and I was sitting beside her when we saw this first picture.
It was so cute that had to post it.

When mom tried to open up my browser(she uses Google something) and I use Firefox.

It happened again, as soon as Firefox opened, got on my site, Computer restarted.
Now my mom doesn't curse very often, but you should have heard her.
Now I know last time it did not shut down but usually it does.
Than she would sign out of hers and let me sign in.
She said well that is it and decided to give me a user account on her new computer.
Well that took forever!!!
She had to make a windows live account for me! 
Lucky I already have an email account (she gave me one from her website awhile ago that is how I got my Google account!)
Any ways here I am.
A Cat with a BlogFacebook page, Google account, a Windows Live account and my own User account!
I am one lucky kitty, my mom loves me!

So here is the picture that started our work tonight:

We found this one and a lot more here:

Here are a few more, check the rest out if you like at the link.

Doesn't it look like they are trying to read what is up here?

Now that is a neck!

He is pretty.

Now the next two are very beautiful, and the are from the doggie family!

Okay this one is just cute!

and this one too!

Okay now how did she get stuck in there?

Know how this feels!

This must be a very special cat, I can not do this!

This one, wish I could drink pop!

Well mom wants to go to bed, so I have to go.


  1. Love the photos; the animals are adorable! And really enjoyed the funny ones :)

  2. They are so cute. Love how you can find nice stuff all over the internet (with moms help). So many people like animals out there it is nice! ;~)

    Foxy XO

  3. Foxy, I am sorry mom is still not feeling well! Give her a kitty cuddle ;o) That fish doesn't look real! It is beautiful! I love the kitties, and the birds and the goat and the foxes! I love them all! Thanks for sharing such great pictures ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

    1. I told mom I didn't answer you, she didn't believe me MEOWWWW! I was right!! MOL!!

      I am glad you liked the pictures, I love sharing them.

      Foxy xo

  4. Foxy, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit the link



    1. Thank you so much, MOL! I did not expect this. Thank you Witchy Cats!!!

      {{Foxy}} XO


{{Foxy}} XO